Dangers of Alcoholism

More than 200 million people suffer from alcohol addiction worldwide, and the number keeps rising every year. Overcoming this addiction is difficult for many people, but it is possible. The best bet for doing so is going to rehab, and the first step lies in understanding what alcohol can do to your body. Here are the dangers of alcoholism.

• Threats to Your Physical Health

Alcohol has short and long-term effects on your body. The short-term effects include slurred speech, drowsiness, and sleep disruption. Others are changes in the emotional state of the alcoholic and the lowering of their body temperature. These effects have a devastating impact on an individual depending on their surroundings and activities. For example, they can cause horrid accidents if you drink and drive, hence the need for facilities like sober living Redondo Beach where they help people quit alcoholism.

Continuous abuse of alcohol leads to sustained and worsening effects on your body. They include nausea and vomiting anytime you drink because it becomes strains your body unnecessarily. Other consequences include the gradual loss of bowel and bladder control when you drink. People lose their consciousness when intoxicated. These blackouts result in temporary memory loss. For example, alcoholics seldom remember the events that occurred during the previous night of drinking.

It is worth noting that alcoholism has a profound impact on many organs in your body including the liver. In fact, it causes liver cirrhosis. In this case, the liver fails to function because of long-term damage that includes the replacement of healthy tissues with scared ones. One or two alcoholic drinks every day over the years may lead to the development of liver cirrhosis. Other organs adversely affected by excessive alcohol intake include the brain, heart, and pancreas.

• Dangers to Your Financial Health

Men and women who drink excessively have more than fifteen and eight beers per week respectively. The beers cost a lot of money that has alcoholics can use for their education, food, shelter, or clothing. They can also use it on their friends, relatives, colleagues, and family members. They can invest it in their businesses or give it to charity. Unfortunately, doing so is impossible when alcohol controls their decisions. Therefore, alcoholics squander loads of cash presenting a significant danger to their financial health.

• Threats to Your Relationships

Alcoholics strain their relationships in various ways. One of them includes violence. For example, alcohol is a factor in 47% of the violent incidents reported in the UK. In the US, offenders are drinking or drunk in about 3 million crimes reported in the country. Alarmingly, most of these incidents occur in the home. Therefore, alcohol plays a role in perpetuating violence in many households. This violence destroys homes and personal relationships the aggrieved parties will suffer from emotional, psychological, and physical harm.

Moreover, alcoholism strains relationships between family members and friends because alcoholics borrow loads of cash to sustain their habit. Repaying these funds is an issue for someone who drinks because all the money he gets goes into alcohol. In some cases, alcoholics will steal to get money for liquor further straining their relationship with the people around them. Trust becomes nonexistent and therefore, building bridges between the alcoholic individual and his loved ones become a strenuous exercise.