How effective are face lifts?

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgery, facial anti-aging treatments such as Botox and fillers skin treatments procedures are most commonly required in the country to continue the placement – much greater than the required number of operations, such as a facelift.

Facial stretching is still popular for some reason. The results may be stronger than with minimal surgical intervention and may be months compared to longer years. If you are considering cosmetic surgery through a San Diego Plastic Surgeon, here are some answers like questions how effective are facelifts?

1. Who is a good candidate for cosmetic surgery?
There is no age. The separation process must be individual and consider factors such as age, body type and size.

2. What facial beauty is better?
The face can be a wide range of incredible techniques: extreme air, high SMAS, short scar, skin only, MACS lifting, mastectomy and menu. But what’s different? Seminar led by the New York Symposium on Plastic Surgery this year: “Facial stretching techniques – it’s just a fundamental difference in the subject” Surgeons are investigating this problem, a technician or surgeon? ”
In professional thinking, the right surgeon is more important to you than the correct surgical technique for you. If you like the results of facial care of a particular surgeon, regardless of the technique, then you are on the way to the desired results.

With facelifts, my goal is to make people younger and more spacious by turning the facial skin into more superficial layers and providing more lubricity. This can lead to a “marked” or “deleted” view.

3. How long does the surgery last and how long does the treatment last?
The time depends on your certificate. In some patients, small decorations can be made in less than two hours. Conventional facial surgery usually takes three to four hours and can take up to six years, if combined with a surgeon for a century or a century. Since facelift is a relatively shallow procedure (bones are not broken), a longer process does not cause much damage.
Patients have different recovery times, but the observed general swelling decreases within 10 to 14 days. My patients usually went back to work for two weeks. Plan your work one month before your retirement to make sure you are in a better position for special occasions.

4. How do I look different?
Most patients report that they have been updated. A good improvement process shows that patients are younger than “different” or “surgeons”. The best facelifts are something natural, as if nothing is resting and relaxing.
The best way to make sure you are like yourself is to carefully select your surgeon. Those who are not afraid to appear will want to choose a surgeon carefully. This brings me to the next question …

5. What should I consider with a plastic surgeon?
We have seen how many of us go wrong – Beauty results, patients are constantly surprised (too high stand on the face of the eyebrows) after the end of the causes or the excess of skin and fat of the neck around the eyes and hollow. Other poor outcomes include irregular or excessive neck pains, or lower grains or eyelids that unintentionally gather at maximum levels with flat, windy cheeks.

As with any procedure, make sure the surgeon has been approved by accredited medical organizations, such as the American Commission of Plastic Surgery. The surgeons will fulfil for a long time the requirements of training, control and re-examination to avoid complications and guarantee the safety of the plastic surgery.

6. How long is the effect of the facelift?
The fillings are bypassing to add size to the extruded textures. The word “liquid bond person”, which made a lot of filling to get rid of excess soft tissue, so familiar that the result is very swelling, swelling. The younger patients did not seem, just different.

Although it depends on factors such as longevity, skin quality, significant changes in weight and environmental factors, such as sun exposure, the actual results of facial improvement will take many years.

Remember that fillings cannot be replaced with your face, it can certainly be complementary. An aging person can use both treatments to achieve a more youthful and complete appearance, usually without restoring the appearance of the main face.