The dangers of substance abuse

The substance abuse is defined as excessive and overdependent on a toxic chemical/drug that directly affects the human nervous system, its behavior, and the body’s various functions. These substances or drugs have a detrimental effect on the mental and physical health of the person. The substances include misuse of tobacco, alcohol, substance abuse, heroin, and so on. The substances misused are psychotropic substances that cause addiction syndrome. If a person indulges in the substance abuse, has a strong desire to use, cannot control its use and cannot overcome dependence even after the adverse consequences. substance abuse can change the perception, judgment, physical control, or attention of the person.

The negative impact of substance abuse can be seen in emergency departments and in various rehabilitation centers and hospitals. One can directly see the ill health of people who misuse the materials and physical trauma they suffer. The increasing number of substance abusers in prisons and prisons also shows the link between substance abuse and crime.

Substance abuse slows the ability to think, and the person can not judge between right and wrong, hence the need for Alcohol Rehab. Many professionals, naughty doctors, scientists, or smart young students when they take part in substance abuse are completely devoid of their mission in life and face failure in life because of the drug habit. Some eventually commit crimes, become seriously ill, lose close ties, and so forth. They do not realize their true potential, forget about their missions, their personal goals, and thus destroy their lives.

Psychotropic substances can be misused to destroy lives, cause various diseases, weak power, weak governance and develop criminal behavior. Some drug addicts violate laws, kill innocent people and sometimes kill themselves. Common problems associated with substance abusers are violent mood swings, marriage problems, child abuse, rape, problems with students, work problems, family violence, loss of friends, divorce, financial problems, suicide, loss of self-esteem and trust.

The main devastating effect of substance abuse is a serious crime. Research has shown that the attacker has eighteen times more chances of committing a crime. A person who is poorly performing, deprived and socially inactive is less likely to commit a crime than a socially active and economically abusive person who abuses drugs.

The mind that changes the effects of drugs is the main cause of the violent crimes committed by the offender. Many substance abusers are involved in crimes such as sexual violence and domestic violence under the influence of drugs. Sometimes they get life imprisonment because of their crime or even years of imprisonment. The capabilities and skills of substance abusers are still undiscovered, and the person is either mentally late or committing suicide.

People lose their lives, are punished, suffer from guilt and cause deadly diseases, such as HIV and AIDS, because of substance abuse. It not only destroys the life of the addict but also destroys his family and relatives. This is a tragedy for family, friends and the offender. There is nothing positive about the abuse of psychosocial substances because they completely destroy their lives.

It also leads to many of the psychiatric conditions that we have in the country. Many young people take drugs, such as heroin, cocaine, and cannabis that affect their brains. They take these drugs ostensibly because they want to be in fashion and they want to be brave and brave. Consequently, most of them have problems with the community and are in psychiatric hospitals.